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                  What are the common causes of motor damage?
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                  Motor is a device to convert electric energy into kinetic energy, it has many types, different types of motor damage phenomenon and cause will be different, but summed up, is electrical and mechanical aspects of the two categories

                  1. The bearing is damaged, the bearing temperature is too high, and there are cracks and scars in the raceway and rolling body.

                  1. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, aging or excessive, the lubricating oil shall not exceed 70% of the bearing cover and bearing volume.

                  2. There are iron powder and other impurities in the lubricating oil, or the oil ring inside is stuck.

                  3. It is not installed in place, such as the bearing, the stop of the bearing cover is not assembled, or it is too tight or loose between the two. Concentric degree is not good, there is eccentric force caused by damage.

                  4, the level of the coupling is not adjusted well, the chain or belt between the transmission is too tight, the shaft is impacted by the load deformation.

                  5, bearing quality is not good, bearing clearance is too small or too big.

                  6, the motor start and stop frequency is too high, and the rigidity is too large, for some occasions not suitable for full pressure start, soft start will be better.

                  Ii. Selection, installation and use

                  1. The level between the motor and the load is not adjusted well, resulting in different centers between the load and the motor and radial impact force.

                  2. The screws of the motor foot are not fixed properly, or the fixing frame is not designed properly.

                  3. No consideration was given to the type selection of load. Some loads are frequently started and stopped.

                  4, the line is connected wrong, such as the star connected into a triangle, and the triangle connected into a star, this may cause internal overheating of the motor.

                  5, the load needs some special braking, the motor does not have the corresponding mechanical or electronic braking, may not be able to release energy when parking.

                  6, the motor does not design some protection devices, such as overheat, overload, overtemperature, lack of equal, these may occur in the use of the process, but because the protection is not in place, will directly burn the motor.

                  7, wiring error, or reverse, or line selection is thin, or terminal lug is not pressed, resulting in too much contact resistance.

                  8. If the photoelectric encoder is used, some dust protection and anti-impact protection should be considered.

                  9. The drive is broken, which causes the motor to burn out at high voltage or high current.

                  10. When providing power, the motor voltage resistance is not considered, such as 220 volts, and 380 volts are used.

                  11, some stepper motor and servo motor, can not be removed to replace the bearing, or you may lose the magnetic or cause encoder magnetic zero offset can not be used normally.

                  Iii. Environmental issues

                  1. In some cases, there is a lot of dust. If the brush dc motor is used, the equipment such as fan is not paid attention to to remove the dust in time, resulting in the wear of carbon brush and commutator in a short time.

                  2. In high temperature situations, such as over 50 degrees for a long time, but the load is heavy, when selecting the motor, high-temperature resistant motors such as F and H are not used, and a separate air-cooling system is not designed at the same time, so the motor temperature in long-term operation is too high.

                  3. The environmental humidity is too high, and no detailed consideration is made in the electrical insulation, which may cause leakage on the circuit.

                  4, vibration of the load, to consider the resonance problem, when fixing the motor, the direction of the screw to consider whether it will be loosened because of the difference in the direction of vibration.

                  Iv. Motor quality problem

                  1. The copper wire of the coil winding is unqualified, or the winding number is not enough, or there are different phase resistance values and other problems.
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